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Let’s face it: A customer can buy the same holiday, shirt or shoe in almost any webshop. Why should the visitor buy in your webshop? One way to help you win the customer is to focus on an added digital services and to involve your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), consumer durables or even milk. It’s the digital service you add to your product which makes a difference. You have to offer something extra which makes the product more interesting. You have to involve your visitors. Because they want to be involved. They want upload photos, submit ratings and to be consulted, it’s called Social Commerce. If you can involve your visitors, you can also turn them into loyal customers. You can do it on the website, Facebook, Twitter or where ever your target audience is. Below are a number of projects I have been involved in and solutions I have made for e-commerce and branding websites.


At Fitness World we had a popular app which was primarily used for booking classes but we wanted to use the app more as a retention tool and to activate our members. We updated the app with new features and userfriendly design and the app became quite crucial to our business.
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Fitness World

Fitness World didn’t have an up to date modern website and the marketing mix had a very high costly CPC/CPA. The website was old and basicly non-functional. We changed that. We made a new responsive website with a functional backend. The result was imminent. The number of sign ups via mobile increased with 184 per cent soon after. With the new website the 155 clubs were able to change their opening hours and activities giving them the responsibility to motivation to have a great website. The new website was a .com because we now had clubs in Poland.
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At Fullrate we were extremely agile and could adapt to any changes in the market rapidly. The competion was fierce and we could respond to any challenge in the market with very short notice. This put a high pressure on the Online Department and demanded a great cooperation with the IT Department both frontend and backend. Addtionally, we worked closely with Business Development to find new ways to win market shares on mobil, mobile broadband, broadband and TV. We made numerous campaigns and a new sign up flow for both mobile, broadband and mobile broadband which made it simpler to sign up.
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Telmore was Denmark’s largest online telecommunications firm with more than 700,000 customers. We have Denmark’s busiest webshop with 20 per cent of all Dankort (Danish debit card and national credit card) transactions and the largest selection of mobile phones. At Telmore we aimed at making it cheap and easy to be a mobile and mobile broadband customer and to buy a phone. Our catch phrase was Customer First – which can be challenging but rewarding in a highly competitive market. We made a new and faster sign up flow.
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Sterling Airlines

At Sterling Airlines we had more than 4 million passengers every year. In other words, on an average 72 per cent of the Danish population flew with us every year. Almost all of them bought their ticket on the website which generated a huge turnover. A large part of this success was due to e-mail marketing to about 2 million subscribers and a great focus on web tracking and site optimization. The website was Denmark’s most popular travel site and the 35th most popular website overall and a popular e-commerce site with 100,000 daily visitors.
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At Ramboll we changed the whole set up. The CMS system was close to non-rxistent and design needed a thorough brush up. We chose to change the platform and to make a new corporate website for the whole Ramboll Group. This opened a whole new world of possibilities for Ramboll.
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Schultz Information won the tender to make a national online education and job guide for the Danish Ministry of Education. A large part of was developed and implemented in just 6 month. Pupils, parents and students counselors had just to look one place. initiated the digitalisation of the whole education sector. The site is still being used today.
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Flex Media

Flex Media needed a newsletter to inspire present and potential customers. The newsletter is based on customer cases and shows the value Flex Media’s solution has given the customer.

Khoby Komms

The recently established communications firm Khoby Komms focuses on strategic management communication. The firm needed a website to strengthen its online presence and to attract customers.
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Flykatastrofer og -ulykker (Plane disasters and accidents)

Flykatastrofer og -ulykker (plane disasters and accidents) was made to give a complete overview over plane disasters with Danish air freight carriers and plane crashes in Denmark.
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Blogs are essential if you are serious about social media. A blog can help you going into dialogue about academic subjects, as in my Online Sales Blog, which is about e-commerce and the Internet in general. The blog can also focus on a particular topic, which Telmore’s Blog om TELMORE (Blog on TELMORE) does.

Website design and UX

A smart, clever, beautifully designed website with a great userfriendly is central to keeping your visitor returning  to your website. And making them stay longer. A terrible website might also do that – until a better website comes along and does it better. And then you lose.
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