Fitness World is Denmark’s largest fitness chain with nearly 500,000 members. A large part have signed up online. The website does also have a self service universe where the members can sign up for classes and manage their subscription/membership. The website is incredibly important for both new and existing members. The existing site was difficult to work with and the campaigns were difficult to control and it was exhausting to update content. We decided to create new weibsite with both new front- and backend. The project took four months and we had a totally new website. At the same time we also included our clubs in Poland so they finally got a proper online universe.


The campaigns are important to our target and rapid growth. We have both promotion and branding campagins and are mostly based on a mix of TV, SoMe and digital. This is done according to our digital predictive sales model, which shows how and where to invest our marketing money best. This helps us overcome gut feelings, HIPPO effect and most marketing investments mistake. And it naturally gives us better campaigns with high ROI/ROMS/ROAS.


We have one of the most popular fitness apps. It’s a service for our customers who mainly use it for signing up for classes. The design had become a little dated so we made a new and more userfriendly design.
See the old app design >>
Take a look at the new app design >>


The website had for many years had an outdated design. The website had slowly been filled up with content that had been overtaken by time. We made the menu a lot shorter, focused on more appealing content and making the menu more intuitive.

Mobile and smart phone

We had a mobile site but it was static, and we had two site to maintain. Not all pages were optimized for mobile phone only the front page was, so it was a somewhat uneven experience. The traffic from smartphones increased so there was no doubt we had to have a responsive website so that all devices could use it.

The result was a success. Sales via mobile increased by 184 per cent and the mobile was now accountable for 25 % of our total sales.

Sign up flow

Our sign up page is probably the most important on the website – together with the front page. We keep optimizing our sign up flow to achieve a better conversion rate and thus get more members. Every time we change anything we get it usertested. We use that input to to avoid any inconveniences we had not thought about ourselves. In the latest version of the sign up flow we introduced upselling posibilities in order to give the members a wider selection and to improve revenue.