It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to make up his or her mind your website or webshop which determines whether they like the site or not. Whether they’ll stay or leave. You are lucky they stay more than 1.5 seconds. And the most important factor in the respect is the webdesign. If they stay the usability, UX or user experience is the key to keeping them on the website.

Going responsive

Our website at Fitness World had for a long time had an outdated design. The website had slowly been filled up with content that had been outdated. We made the menu a lot shorter, focused on more appealing content and making the menu more intuitive.

Mobile first and smart phone

We had a mobile site but it was static and we had two site to maintain. Not all pages were optimized for mobile phone only the front page was, so it was a somewhat uneven experience. The traffic from smartphones increased so there was no doubt we had to have a responsive website so that all devices could use it.

The result was a success. Sales via mobile increased by 184 per cent and the mobile was now accountable for 25 % of our total sales.

Front page

The front page was the most visited area on Telmore’s website. At one point it was obvious that we needed an overhaul. It was lopsided and rather static. The front page was our shop window and it must attract customers but it didn’t. There was too much text and focus on information. We made a new which had more focused on sales.