About me

I am an e-commerce and digital marketing leader with vast experience on campagins, aquisition and digital transformation. For almost 20 years, I have been working on e-commerce, online sales and digital marketing. It has mainly been in lifestyle, travel, telco, subscription services, retail and chains. I have been involved in many projects. From the small improvement to the big business critical web project. I have been in charge of departments, campaigns, organized day-to-day operations and website improvement, where we optimize the conversion step-by-step while we are making plans for the future.

Winner Danish Digital Award

Category: Best Customer Experience. "Fitness World has developed a great solution that in an elegant way bridges the physical and digital customer experience. The solution integrates insight into the target group's training motivation and creates increased commitment and loyalty, which is clearly seen in the "powerful" results."

The Customer Experince of the Future

Fitness World is mentioned as one of the companies that provides the best customer experience in the KPMG Report Shaping The Future of Customer Experience. The report says: "The organization utilizes their app and online channels very well to offer their customers more choice and flexibility in their interaction with the fitness club. And their app, which includes a number of more personalized offers like tailor-made training programs, integrates into their physical locations deliver added value to customers.


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