Campaigns and promotionsDuring my career I have made many different campaigns within promotion and branding. At Fitness World, promotion and branding campagins are very important in order to reach our acquisition targets. Our campaigns are mostly based on a mix of TV, SoMe and digital. Our digital predictive sales model shows how and where to invest our marketing budget in order secure the optimum marketing mix and subsequently the best ROI/ROAS/ROMS. Birthday A birthday is one a great campaign. All through the organisation you can fell that something special is going on. We made two campaigns; one for our existing member and one to attract new members. For our existing member we decorated the club and gave all members a voucher for a gift, which they could redeem in the clubs. The club were decorated and a number of events took place in each individual club. The material to attract new members you can see below. Cancer campaign Fitness World is all about exercise and healthy living. But it’s more than just that. We contacted the Cancer Society to hear if they were interested in a partnership. We agreed to make a campaign where we would donate 100,- DKK (€15/£12) for every sign up. Additionally, we made a collection in all the clubs and in the HQ where we biked and donated 50,- DKK (€6.6/£5.5) for every kilometre we biked. In the end we gave 650,000 DKK (€87.137/£70,395) to the Cancer Society. Great for them, for the research and great for us and the brand. Spring campaign Spring is great. It’s the time of the year when you get back outside. Why not celebrate spring? We made a spring campaign where the spring theme was in all our marketing ie banners, tv ad, outdoor and in the clubs. You can see some of the material below.