CV for e-commerce, web and digital marketing

In my CV you can see my experiences with e-commerce, marketing and online since the internet’s childhood back in 1995. My daily challenges are all about e-commerce, marketing, strategy, digital transformation, business development, expansion and leadership. I have experience from B2C and B2B, pharma, fashion, lifestyle, telco, retail and chains plus subscription-based business models. In recent years I have focused on e-commerce and international (digital) marketing. Get in touch if you want to know more.


2023 –  CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) | Life Extension Europe | Pharma 
Life Extension Europe is an online retailer and distributor of dietary supplements and health products in 31 markets. The company is on a growth journey, which is why we focus on developing the international market with focus on acquisition and campaigns. I focus on:

  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Campaigns
  • Online sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Newsletter/CRM
  • Retention/Loyalty Flow
  • Media planning and buying
  • Market introduction/G2M
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX)
  • Costumer journey
  • CLV
  • Customer touchpoints
  • Partnerships
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Product development
  • Budget
  • Leadership
  • B2C
  • D2C
  • B2B

2022 –  2023 E-commerce Director | Rosemunde | Fashion Rosemunde's logo
Rosemunde had several fashion brands, each with its own target group, design and webshop. Therefore, a Nordic Brand Hub had been set up, which was responsible for e-commerce for all Rosemunde fashion brands. The purpose was to centralise online sales in one place and thus professionalise the strategic and tactical e-commerce as well as reap the synergies across the various brands. We worked with:

  • E-commerce
  • Online sales
  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Optimisation
  • Web/digital/online
  • Campaigns ATL and BTL
  • Media planning and buying
  • Market introduction/G2M
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX)
  • Costumer journey
  • Customer touchpoints
  • Partnerships
  • Newsletter/CRM/loyality flow
  • E-commerce strategy
  • B2C
  • D2C
  • B2B

2020 – 2022 Marketing Consultant | Kost og Ernæringsforbundet | Membership organisation  Kost og Ernæringsforbundets logo 
Kost og Ernæringsforbundet was transforming to adapt to the modern labour market. This included modernising marketing and membership acquisition. Among my tasks were:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • E-commerce
  • Conversion
  • Optimisation
  • Campaigns ATL and BTL
  • Media planning and buying
  • Market introduction/G2M
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX)
  • Costumer journey
  • CLV
  • Customer touchpoints
  • Partnerships
  • Web/digital/online
  • Newsletter/CRM
  • SoMe
  • Retention strategies
  • Marketing strategy

2014 – 2020  Head of Marketing | Fitness World and Urban Gym | Lifestyle  Fitness World's logo
At Fitness World we decided to disrupt ourselves and made a low budget fitness chain called Urban Gym. This way we had an eco system which made us available to more customer segments. Before being sold to Pure Gym, we had more than 230 clubs in Denmark, Poland, and Switzerland. I was deeply involved in the following projects and tasks:

  • Customer journey
  • Acquisiton
  • Customer touch points
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Online sales
  • Acquisition
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding
  • IoT
  • Web
  • App
  • Brand tracking
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX)
  • Product development
  • Concept development
  • G2M/product launch strategies
  • Club openings
  • Retention Strategies
  • Campaigns
  • Segmentation/personalisation
  • Performance/growth marketing
  • Conversion
  • Media planning
  • Media buying
  • SoMe (Social Media)
  • Tv commercials (TV-C)
  • Radio ads
  • Print advertising
  • Outdoor advertising/digital outdoor (OOH/DOOH)
  • Campaign planning, execution and evaluation
  • Promotions
  • SEM/Search/Adwords (incl. GDN, RLSA)
  • Budgeting
  • Leadership

2012 – 2014 Online Sales Manager | Fullrate / TDC Telco | Telecommunication  Fullrate's logo
My daily focus was on online sales, conversion plus acquisition & retention. Fullrate was TDC Group’s fighting brand in a highly competitive market. The website was central to our success. Among my duties were:

  • E-commerce
  • Conversion
  • Online sales
  • Strategy
  • Customer acquisition
  • A/B test
  • MVT test
  • Customer retention
  • Planning operation
  • Campaign management
  • Landing pages
  • Promotions
  • Performance marketing
  • Product launch
  • Concept development
  • Web and traffic analysis
  • Product development
  • SEO
  • SEM (incl. GDN, RLSA)
  • Content
  • Management

2009 – 2012 Web Manager | Telmore / TDC Telco | Telecommunication  Telmore logo
Increasing online sales was my most important task at Telmore. I was Head of Site Management (5 FTE) where we worked arduously to improve our conversion rate and increase our customer base also known as customer acquisition & retention. The webshop was Denmark’s busiest with 20 per cent of all Dankort (Danish debit card and national credit card) transactions, hence, Telmore was Denmark’s largest e-commerce website. The website was by far Telmore’s most important sales channel and was crucial to Telmore’s success. My responsibilities included:

  • Strategy
  • Online sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Planning operation
  • Planning maintenance
  • Site optimization
  • Shop optimization
  • Multi channel management
  • Webshop improvement
  • Front page improvement
  • New menu structure
  • New sign up flows
  • Product development
  • Concept development
  • Roadmapping
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • A/B testing
  • Adaptive content and behavioural targeting
  • Use cases
  • Blogging
  • Project management
  • Content
  • Coaching
  • Management
  • Administration

2008 – 2009 Web Manager | Sterling Airlines | Travel & Tourism  Sterling Airlines logo
At Sterling Airlines I was responsible for the website and the web team. The website was back then Denmark’s 35th most popular website and among the most successful e-commerce websites. It had a yearly turnover of more than 4 billion Danish Kroner (450 million GBP) and had approx. 100,000 visits per day. In selected periods, I increased the conversion rate with up to 300 per cent. A strong focus on the newsletter resulted in an increasing turnover which in one case tripled. However, having Islandic owners during the financial crisis was doomed and Sterling Airlines went bankrupt. Among my duties were:

  • Website responsible
  • Customer acquisition
  • Implemented new design
  • Implemented web 2.0
  • Web tracking
  • Web analysis
  • Site optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Web tracking
  • Site optimization
  • Campaigns
  • Implemented content management system
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Quality control of suppliers

2005 – 2008 Web Editor and Project Manager | Ramboll | Consultancy Ramboll logo
At Ramboll I was responsible for the website and online communication. I was central to the introduction and development of a new corporate site. I was central in selecting the CMS system and graphic design. I was also a part of tenders when web competences were demanded. My work included:

  • Website responsible
  • Development and implementing new corporate sites
  • New CMS system
  • Developed and implemented product and subsites
  • Implemented WebTrends
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Usability testing
  • Implemented of flash magazines
  • Encoded and streamed video and film
  • Requirement specification
  • Coordinator between technical and content department
  • News editor
  • Campaign sites
  • Film production
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Responsible for content on the Intranet
  • Lecturer on EU programme

2004 – 2005 Web Editor | (Educational guide for Schultz Information) | Media Schultz logo
The largest part of Denmark’s largest online guide to education and job was completed in just 6 months. I played a crucial part in completing the portal which was a great success and is still being used by pupils,
students etc.:

  • development of web portal
  • implemented web portal
  • coordinator between IT and content department
  • responsible for further development of the portal
  • quality control of suppliers
  • journalistic coaching and feed back
  • production of leaflets and booklets
  • course organizer and teacher
  • online user questionnaire
  • career portraits

2002 – 2023 Freelance Consultant and Journalist | Meny | DR (Denmark National Broadcasting Company) | Politiken | Information | Ekstra Bladet | University of Copenhagen ao
After my graduation from Denmark’s School of Journalism, I worked as a freelance journalist, which developed over the years. Eventually, I ended up working on a lot of different projects for over 20 years. My deliveries were:

  • Campaigns
  • TV Commercials
  • Newsletters
  • Project Management
  • Content
  • Product launch (G2M
  • Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Interviews
  • Features
  • Analysis
  • News


2021 Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (HD 2), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
2019 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (HD 1), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
2003 Journalism and Communication, Danish School of Journalism

Awards, Tests and Shortlistings

Danish E-business Association/E-handelsdagen 2020: Winner Best E-commerce App
Danish Digital Awards 2019: Gold, Best Customer Experience
Danish E-business Association: Best App 2018 (shortlisted)
AEA Advertising Effectiveness Award 2015 (shortlisted); Kreativitet & Kommunikation in cooperation with YouTube, TV2 og PostDanmark; See article in bureaubiz (in Danish)
Gadget magazine T3. The readers choice: Telecommunications Company of the Year; T3, January 2012 (in Danish)
EPSI (Extended Performance Satisfaction Index), October 2011: Telmore ranks highest on all drivers and have very loyal customers;
The E-commerce Award 2011: Best Online Customer Service, Top 3. ; FDIH (The Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association) (in Danish)
Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin (in Danish): Denmark’s Second Most Popular Internet Shop 2011
Analytics Consulting Company: My Research (in Danish): Denmark’s Second Most Digital Company 2011
Magasinet Mobil (Mobile Magazine) (in Danish): Denmark’s Top Mobile Operator 2010;
The E-commerce Award 2009; FDIH (The Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association): Best E-commerce Company B2C, 2nd place.

Speeches, Lectures and Key Notes

Marketing for Union Members; Congress (Kost og Ernæringsforbundet, 31st August 2021)
Increasing User Interactivity Through Innovations in Mobile; eTail Nordic (Worldwide Business Research LLC, 2nd October 2018)
Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW); (IIH Nordic, 4th November 2015)
Beyond Product Recommendations: Combining Segmentation with Content to Create a Personalised Experience; eTail Nordic (Worldwide Business Research LLC, 13th October 2015)

Courses and Master classes

PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner (Mannaz/Axelos, December 2022)
PRINCE2 Foundation (Mannaz/Axelos, November 2022)
Salesforce B2B Master Class (Alpha Solutions, June 2022)
Sales Psychology (Tack International, June – September 2021)
Project Management (Mannaz, May – October 2021)
Make Better Virtual Presentations (epo, May 2021)
Lean Management (The Danish Association of Managers and Executives, April – June 2019)
Six Sigma Yellow Belt (The Danish Association of Managers and Executives, May 2019)
Digital Strategy (IIH Nordic, December 2016)
Pratical Business Strategy and Business Development (Danish Technological Institut, May 2016)
Google Adwords Course (IIH Nordic, March 2015)
SEO Advanced (IIH Nordic, May 2014)
Google Analytics Advanced (IIH Nordic, October 2013)
Google Analytics (IIH Nordic, September 2013)
SEO (IIH Nordic, July 2013)
Economy for Managers and Executives (The Danish Association of Managers and Executives, May – June 2013)
The Basic Manager Training (Niels Brock/TDC, January – April 2011)
Targit BI Basic (Targit, February 2011)
Excel Advanced (Raae Edb, February 2010)
Excel Basic (Raae Edb, December 2009 – January 2010)
Use Cases (7N, November 2009)
SiteCatalyst Advanced User Training (Omniture/Adobe, June 2008)
SiteCatalyst User Training (Omniture/adobe, April 2008)
Basic Project Management (Ramboll Academy, November 2007 – April 2008)
Sitecore CMS Certified Administrator (Sitecore, June 2007)
SEO and SEM (Update, March 2007)
Newsletters – Interact with your users (Tankevirksomheden, April 2006)
Digital Branding Strategies (Dansk Kommunikationsforening, October 2005)
Effective Web Communication (Tankevirksomheden, June 2005)
Website Renewal (Update, April 2005)
Corporate Storytelling (Update, April + May 2004)
Goal Oriented Communication (Danish Union of Journalists, September 2003)

Seminars, Conferences and Summits

B2B Marketing Seminar: New Year, New Ways and New Perspectives (OMD, Transact and Linkedin, October 2023)
AI and the Technology Behind the New Generative Models (emagine, May 2023)
CDP Live: How to Retain Customers with Data-First Strategies (Twilio Segment, May 2023)
Salesforce Live: Copenhagen (Salesforce, April 2022)
Four Ways to Digital Succes in Membership Organisations (Novicell, September 2021)
IWDK (Internet Week Denmark, May 2021)
e-Tail Nordic: Multiple channels. Multiple customers. One retailer (Worldwide Business Research LLC, October 2018)
600 Minutes Marketing and Digital Experience (Management Events, February 2018)
App Day 2017 (Danske Medier, March 2017)
600 Minutes Marketing and Sales (Management Events, March 2017)
EME 2016 – Digital Marketing Conference (APSIS, November 2016)
Total Retail. E-Commerce Conference and Exhibition 2016 (FDIH, October 2013)
2nd Annual eTail Nordic (Worldwide Business Research LLC, October 2015)
Marketing Day 2015 (Huset Markedsføring, June 2015)
Programmatic Buying in Scandinavia (Danske Medier, November 2014)
Digital Copenhagen 2014 (ADDA/Markedsføring, November 2014)
E-Commerce Conference and Exhibition 2013 (FDIH, October 2013)
It Future 2013 (Fujitsu, April 2013)
E-Commerce 2013: The Strategic Perspective (EpiServer, January 2013)
E-Commerce Conference and Exhibition 2012 (FDIH, October 2012)
Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012 (Adobe, May 2012)
Inside the Mind of a Salesman (SuperOffice, October 2011)
Mobile Copenhagen 2011 – Mobile is Changing Marketing (International Advertising Association, October 2011)
E-commerce Conference and Fair 2011 (FDIH, September 2011)
Master the Basic Legal Requirements and the New Cookie Rules for Danish E-business Companies (FDIH, March 2011)
From Clicks to Cliques (Adobe/Omniture, November 2010)
The E-commerce Conference Focuses on Growth (FDIH, September 2010)
Broadband Days and Mobile Broadband Forum 2010 (NIDAB Networking, September 2010)
How Can the Internet be Used as Future E-commerce and Marketing Platform? (International Advertising Association, August 2010)
Augment Your Business (Creuna, June 2010)
Create More Online Conversions (FDIH, January 2010)
Global E-commerce Summit ’09 ( & EMOTA, October 2009)
E-commerce Conference: Get inspiration and tools to create growth and optimze the online business (FDIH, September 2009)
Broadband Forum 2009: Competition, Consolidation and Business Models (NIDAB Networking, September 2009)
Is Your Digital Marketing Talking to Me: Improving Website Conversion (Omniture, November 2008)
E-commerce Conference: Optimze your online business (FDIH, September 2008)
Trends, Possibilities and Challenges – Are You Ready for the Web of the Future! (Sitecore, February 2008)
Web Content Management Anno 2007: New Possibilities, New Challenges and New Inspiration (Sitecore, November 2006)

Morning-, After-work- and Short Seminars (incl. Webinars)

Data Driven Marketing and Design (IIH & Kraftvaerk, 26th June 2024)
SEO for B2B – How to Get More Customers in 2024 (Inboundcph, 13th June 2024)
AI & Influencers – Friends or Enemies (GroupM, 12th June 2024)
Account-Based Marketing – 5 Cases & 5 Tips to Run Programs that Drive Sales (webinar: Kvadrant, 11th June 2024)
AI Tools – Future of Marketing (webinar: MMC Learning, 30th May 2024)
AI in Sale and Marketing (webinar: Relevans, 23rd May 2024)
Tune in to Google Marketing Live EMEA 2024 (webinar: Google, 22nd May 2024)
Create Growth and Value with the Help of AI (Peytz, 16th May 2024)
Marketing & Artificial Intelligence (Danish Chamber of Commerce, 24th April 2024)
Future Tech Insights: This is How Future Technology Will Affect Your Business (Peytz, 11th April 2024)
From Theory to AI & Copilot Practice (Webinar: Delegate, 13th March 2024)
Effective Teams/OKR in Marketing (Danish Advertisers Association, 5th March 2024)
The Cookieless Future (GroupM, 24th January 2024)
Ready for 2024? 7 SEO Tricks to Jump-start the New Year (Webinar; InbourndCPH, 6th December 2023)
How to Make a 2024 Sales and Marketing Strategy in a Changing World (Webinar; Sunrise, 29th November 2023)
The Real Value of SEO (Webinar; JBH, 26th September 2023)
Marketing with Generative AI (GroupM, 28th August 2023)
Live shopping 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Interactive E-commerce (webinar; Elisa, 9th August 2023)
Harnessing Generative AI for Marketing Success: Innovations, Risks, and Safeguards (webinar; WFA, 11th July 2023)
AI and SEO (IIH Nordic, 20th June 2023)
AI and the Technology Behind the New Generative Models (emagine, 25th May 2023)
SEO & AI (webinar; Inboundcph, 8th May 2023)
How to Set Prices Which Reduce Churn and Improve Profitability (webinar; Wilke, 4th May 2023)
How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Set Up in 2023? (webinar;, 28th April 2023)
How to Implement Predictive Recommendations with AWS and Twilio Segment’s CDP (webinar; Twilio Segment, 26th April 2023)
How to Become Succesful with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? (webinar; PL & Partners, 11th April 2023)
Commerce Trends: Digital Briefing Webinar for Europe (webinar; Shopify, 1st February 2023)
Skale Your Webshop with Automated Product Descriptions (webinar; Skjoldby & Co, 19th January 2023)
Digital Tendencies 2022: What Is Happening Right Now? (webinar; Obsidian, 15th September 2022)
Omnichannel Automation Marketing (webinar; Forrester/Agillic, 14th September 2022)
Dam – How to Handle Visual Digital Experiences (webinar; Alpha Solutions, 6th September 2022)
How to Get Better Results with Black Friday Campaigns (webinar; Skjoldby & Co., 10th August 2022)
+10 Functions in Klaviyo Which Will Boost Your E-mail Marketing (webinar; Ackermann & Co, 14th July 2022)
Facebook Ads for E-commerce (webinar; Generaxion, 22nd June 2022)
Scaling Your Business with Composable Commerce (webinar; Impact, 16th June 2022)
Get Inspiration to Your Direct to Consumer Strategy (D2C) (webinar; Kvantum, 28th April 2022)
Create Lasting Improvements in Your Digital CX (webinar; Knowit, 27th April 2022)
Customer Data Platform – Experiences and Cases (Peytz & Co., 31st March 2022)
20 Marketing Hacks and Tools (webinar; Co3, 29th March 2022)
Affiliate Marketing (webinar; Generaxion, 11th November 2021)
How to Multiply Your Revenue with Google Shopping (webinar; Adtimize og DataFeedWatch, 21st October 2021)
How to Get Success with Content in Your E-mail Marketing (webinar; PL & Partners, 20th October 2021)
The Future of Social Media Marketing (webinar; deepdivr, 23rd September 2021)
The Future of Ominchannel Marketing (webinar; Bonzer, 21st September 2021)
Customer Journey Mapping (webinar; Impact, 16th September 2021)
Make a Successful Marketing Strategy (webinar; Sunrise, 24th June 2021)
Google Core Web Vitals (webinar: InboundCph, 21st April 2021)
Customer data – Perspectives on Customer Data Platforms and Their Surrounding Landscape (webinar: Impact, 26th March 2021)
9 Mobile Commerce Trends for 2021: Apps, Voice Commerce, IoT, Augumented Reality and 5G (webinar: Impact, 25th February, 24th March and 21st April 2021)
Digital Marketing Trends Anno 2021 (webinar: Kynetic, 3rd December 2020)
SEO Study: An Analysis of the +100 Largest E-commerce Sites in Denmark (webinar: Kynetic, 2nd December 2020)
10 Steps to Improve Your Subscription-based Business (webinar: Fenerum, 12th November 2020)
Masterclass: Digital Marketing for E-commerce – What Do Best Class Webshops Do in 2021? (webinar: Texta, 30th October 2020)
Denmark Is an iPhone Country (webinar: Marketingplatform, 29th October 2020)
Four Things to Consider when Selecting a New eCommerce Platform (webinar: Fluido, 21st October 2020)
Introduction to Augmented Reality in Marketing (Purple Scout, 18th September 2020)
Permission Sign Ups and Retention Strategies (webinar, Sleeknote, 16th September 2020)
Operational Customer Loyalty During the Customer Journey (webinar,, 15th September 2020)
The Trends Driving Modern E-commerce (webinar, Avensia, 18th August 2020)
Get Knowledge of Your Clients’ Online Behaviour Beyond Google Analytics (webinar, Combine Digital, 25th June 2020)
How to be on Page 1 on Google with SERP Features (webinar, Impact, 18th June 2020)
Sociale Media Strategy 2020 (webinar; Sunrise, 17th June 2020)
SEO Strategy for B2C 2020 (webinar; InboundCPH, 11th June 2020)
Learn about scaled agile processes (webinar; Worksome, 26th May 2020)
Advanced SEO webinar (webinar; InboundCPH, 15th May 2020)
How to Make Effective Campaigns after GDPR (webinar; SelectedMedia, 6th May 2020
Customer Journey: From Idea to Action (webinar; Sunrise, 23rd April 2020)
How to Drive Performance with Programmatic Native (Verizon, 20th February 2020)
Digital Beyond Cookies (Quisma, 11th February 2020)
How to Survive a Complex Web Project (Peytz & Co, 12th June 2019)
Clever Talks – Talks by Hand-picked Industry Colleagues, Thought Leaders and Friends (IIH Nordic, 11th January 2019).
Digital Innovation – Sprint for Better Digital Projects (Knowit, 24th January 2019)
Digital Strategy 2018 (AKQA, 16th May 2018)
WWDC17 Insights (Apple, 20th June 2017)
Digital Transformation (Advice, 6th June 2017)
Next Generation Marketing (MTG, 4th May 2017 )
Executive Morning Workshop: How Corporates Can Be Digital Winners (Vertical Strategy, 14th June 2016 )
Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) (IIH Nordic, 4th November 2015)
Social Media Campaigns (Falcon Social, 23rd June 2015)
Customer Experience: Strengthen Your Business (Pentia, 26th March 2015)
Generation Y (Why They Hate You) (Huset Markedsføring, 21st November 2014)
SEO in the Future (IIH Nordic, 20th November 2014)
Get Your Media Agency Under Control (Magnetix, 4th September 2014)
Get to Know Your RTB (Ebita/Nørgård Mikkelsen, 28th August 2014)
Google Tag Manager (Google, 26th June 2014)
The Best Webshops in Denmark (FDIH, 14th May 2014)
Use CRM to Create Effective Sales (Alfapeople, 14th May 2014)
Digital Sales Development (Ebita/Nørgaard Mikkelsen, 9th April 2014)
SEO in 2014. Which Strategy? (Oxygen Software, 12th March 2014)
Google Analytics Upgrade – Universal Analytics (IIH Nordic, 13th December 2013)
The Best Webshops in Denmark (FDIH, 15th May 2013)
E-commerce and Retail Sales (Alfapeople, 23rd April 2013)
Google Has Launched Universal Analytics – Does It Have Conquences for You? (IIH Nordic, 19th April 2013)
Leads From Website to CRM Microsoft (Sitecore & Proactive, 18th April 2013)
Loyality Programmes: Get More Out of Your Existing Customers (FDIH, 21st March 2013)
Make Your Business Mobile (Visma, 20th March 2013)
The Most Cost-effective Way to Make More Money on E-commerce (Agillic, 12th March 2013)
Be Successful with E-commerce (The Danish Chamber of Commerce, 30th January 2013)
Are You Ready for E-commerce? (Alfapeople & Microsoft, 27th November 2012)
How Can the Internet Be Used as Future Commercial and Marketing Platform? (IAA, 1st September 2010)
Mobile Marketing (Danish Advertising Association, 8th June 2010)
Boost Your E-business (Creuna, 1st June 2010)
Sharing Insights and Key Trends for Social Commerce in 2010 (Bazaarvoice, 2nd March 2010)
Digital Service Design (Creuna, 2nd February 2010)
Adaptive Content and Behavioural Targeting (Creuna, 12th January 2010)
Digital Strategy and Business Development (Creuna, 6th October 2009)


Knowledge and experience with the following technologies: 
Shop- and CMS systems: Shopware, ShopifyPlus, Hybris Multichannel Suite/Salesforce, Sitecore CMS, EPiServer CMS (Optimizely), Drupal, WordPress, Dandomain Webshop, Scannet, Umbraco, FatWire CMS (Oracle), DynamicWeb/Synkron, php and HTML.
CRM og Mail Clients: Klaviyo, Apsis One, Active Campaign and Neolane Multi-Channel Campaign Management (Adobe).
Miscellaneous: Innometrics Profile Cloud, Falcon Social, Power BI, Exerp, Maze, Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision), Targit Business Intelligence, Navision, Wunder Mobility, Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst, WebTrends, Google Website Optimizer, Google Content Experiments, Clicktale, Hotjar, SessionCam, Mouseflow, Adobe Dreamweaver, Accuranker and Microsoft Office.

Languages: Danish: native speaker; English: fluent; German: intermediate


FDIH (The Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association)
Danish Association of Managers and Executives


I spend most of my spare time with my friends, reading a book and going to a concert or other cultural activities. I also go to the gym or a spinning class a few times a week and in the weekend I race on my bike around South and West Zealand. Once or twice a year, I leave for a warmer climate to battle mountains on my bike. I have even conquered Stelvio, Mortirolo and Col du Tourmalet. Among other.