Telmore was Denmark’s first and largest (MVNO) online telecommunications company with more than 700,000 customers. The webshop was Denmark’s busiest and the website was Denmark’s largest e-commerce site. Telmore was a low budget telco company with a mission to make it simple to be mobile customer and to buy a phone. The website was essential to us because it was the only sales channel in the beginning. Later we also added telemarketing.


Telmore had Denmark’s busiest webshop* and had the largest selection of mobile phones. People were and are crazy about mobile phones. Just see how many websites are about mobile phones. Our challenge was, of course, to sell as many phones as possible. And we were quite successful despite the fierce competition. * FDIH (The Danish Distance Selling and E-business Association)

Front page

The front page was the most visited area on Telmore’s website. At one point it was obvious that we needed a new. It was lopsided and rather static. The front page is our shop window and it must attract customers but it didn’t. There was too much text and focus on information. We made a new which had more focused on sales.

Web analysis og tracking

You can optimize and improve your site, but what good is it if you do not know what users are doing on your web site? What are they doing on the website? Which pages do they see? How long are they on the page? What is the most popular phone? Which pages generate most revenue? etc., etc. If you know it, you can travel far. If you don’t know it; you can’t improve it. We had a strong focus on tracking and site analysis, we used Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst.

Site Optimization

On an e-commerce site that generated all the company’s revenue, it was important to constantly follow the market. Therefore, Telmore was always developing and implementing software solutions, functionalities and design improvements. The customers demanded it.

Social commerce

At Telmore we had great success with involving our visitors. They could rate phones in the shop and comment on every single mobile phone. After just a few months we had 2,000 reviews and subsequently end with 7,500. In addition to the webshop, users were also involved elsewhere on the website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.