profileHere you find a little tale of my life from childhood in my birth town Odense to adult life in Copenhagen.

I am like many other Danes born and raised in an nsignificant provincial suburb in Denmark. In this case the citywas Odense and the suburb Bolbro. To have been raised in Bolbro means that I have lived almost 19 years of my life in Denmark’s least affluent suburb (disregarding a few in Copenhagen). Hence, the suburb might not be that insignificant after all. It sounds worst that it really is. My family did quite well but the area had it’s problems. A few of my childhood acquaintances have since they left school given in to different temptations and sadly are no more.

From Odense to London
My mother was at home while my father worked at the local newspaper (Fyens Stiftstidende) as a typographer. A part from me they also had to deal with my older sister and younger brother. I had a rather exciting childhood. I was quite a handful. To cut to the chase, I ended, after numeous projects, at the University of Odense studing English. After a period I got tired of the dark and lugubrious halls and took of to London for a couple of years where I was one ofnthe young people living there lured by the bright lights.

From London to Copenhagen
At one point I had enough and decided to moved to Copenhagen to study Film and Media Science at University of Copenhagen. It suited me well and I liked it but when I was to do my thesis, I found this assignment quite devoid of purpose.

A boring teacher or??
It was time to contemplate my situation once again. It has never been a childhood dream to be a journalist although I have worked in this field several times. But at one point I felt that the future did not look as great as I thought it should. Was my future to teach in the college or was ther  something I would rather do? I made a number of film reviews for the local paper in Copenhagen and at the same time worked for a film magazine. From there I didn’t look back.

I applied and got accepted at the Danish School of Journalism in Århus. So instead of doing my thesis Ivchoose to moved to Århus with all it’s hills and impossible infrastructure. After 18 month I moved back to Copenhagen to work as an intern. First at The National Consumer Agency and then at the University of Copenhagen. Places which supplement each other quite well. Great to be back in Copenhagen. After another 18 month I had to return to Århus to complete my education and get my degree.

Back to school
Luckily, most of my friends were also back at the school so it was all right to be back. Most of my classes were in the radio department in order to try something different. A part from the classes I also worked in order to support myself.

A working life
After graduation I worked as a freelance journalist for a period but it is a rather superficial and lonely way to work. Then I began to work as a web editor at Schultz Information where we developed, implemented and maintained for The Ministery of Education. After an exciting period I changed to Ramboll where I took part in developing a new corporate site for the company and all its business units. When the project was over I was employed as Web Master at Sterling Airlines and was promoted to Web Manager. At Sterling Airlines I also helped develop a new website. Most of my work was to attract visitors and to convert visitors into customers. Sadly, Sterling went bankrupt due to the financial crisis. And I have to find a new job.

Hello, hello…
It was hard suddenly to have to find a new job, while the financial crisis raged. I put a lot of energy in Sterling Airlines, and all of the sudden it just felt just wasted … Keep your head up. Working with sales on the Internet also called e-commerce is exciting, challenging and fun. Therefore, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. Telmore in the TDC Group became my next stop. After 18 month I was asked if I would like take responsibility of the Site Management department. Did I want to be an executive? It has never been a carrer goal to be an executive. However, I thought it would be exciting to be in charge of a website. So I said yes. And had a really great time. After four years I joined another of TDC’s brands, Fullrate.

Two more!
At one point I was contacted by a recruitment consultant, who claimed he had an exciting job. They always say that. Why should it be different this time. We talked, and it did sound interesting. Then I met the company a couple of times. And then I joined Fitness World as Head of Marketing. During my time we have opened an other fitness chain (Urban Gym) and we have been sold to an equity fund.

Food is healthy

The next stop on journey was at Kost og Ernæringsforbundet. We fought for food consumption to play a greater role in the health debate. There had not previously been a marketing department, so it was my task to strengthen the marketing and acquisition efforts in the small association.

The clothes that didn’t quite fit

My next stop was at the fashion brand Rosemunde. It was a bit of a bumpy ride. The first day I got corona (yes, back then) and the company was sold. Everything changed. All the things we had planned were pushed aside. I never quite managed to get back to the enthusiasm I went into the job with.

The network works

A person in my network contacted me and told me that he knew someone who needed a person with my profile. And then things happened fast. In a relatively short amount of time, we found that our ambitions, wishes and ways of working were a match. My next job was in pharma at Life Extension Europe in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

When I’m not sleeping
Life is more than work, although it’s exciting. I usually say that it’s where I spend most of my waking hours. The rest I spend on a lot of things including time with my friends. I bike a lot both home and broad, where they have mountains. I go to concerts (mostly rock and indie) and a fair number of other cultural events.