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Digital marketing

I have been working with online and digital marketing for many years. This is both RTG, RTB, SEM, SEO, Social Media and everything related to this.

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E-commerce is central any company and I have been working with e-commerce for many years and have experience from several industries.

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Digital and app

I have experience with many areas such as web, app, conversion, content, site optimization, CMS, SEO and a whole lot more.

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Over the years I have made numerous campaigns with great results. Campaigns are crucial if you want enter new markets or grow existing.

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I'm an e-commerce and digital marketing professional. I've been working with e-commerce, online sales and digital marketing for almost 20 years. During this period I've among other things worked with e-commerce and online sales; online and digital marketing; strategy and branding; campaigns and management. I have experience from both livestyle, travel, subscription and retail. I have been involved in many projects in my career. From the small site improvement test to the large year long business critical project. I have handled campaigns, organized the daily maintenance and site optimisation where you improve sales and conversion step by step.

  • Online and mobile sales

  • Online advertising

  • App and web

  • Promotion and branding

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