About me

I am an e-commerce and digital marketing manager on brand and aquisition. For almost 20 years, I have been working on e-commerce, online sales and digital marketing. During that time I have worked with e-commerce and online sales; online and digital marketing; strategy and branding; campaigns and management. It has mainly been in lifestyle, travel, subscription service, retail and chains. I have been involved in many projects. From the small improvement to the big business critical web project. I have been in charge of departments, campaigns, organized day-to-day operations and website improvement, where we improve the conversion step-by-step while we are making plans for the future.

Winner of Danish Digital Awards

Category: Best Customer Experience. "Fitness World has developed a great solution that in an elegant way bridges the physical and digital customer experience. The solution integrates insight into the target group's training motivation and creates increased commitment and loyalty, which is clearly seen in the "powerful" results."


During my career, I have worked intensely with the areas mentioned below
I have made numorous digital solution within web, app, service designs. All which has either focused on customer journet and service deisgn
The web shop is, naturally, vital to any company with a web shop. I have experience with web shop selling products and subscriptions.
A campaign is booster for both the company's revenue and membership base. This is often a combination of SoMe, display, influencer, adwords and more.


Many Years of Experience
Several Years of Leadership
Huge Number of Campaigns


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