At Fitness World our app is primarily used for booking classes. To be honest it had been neglected for years so we decided to update and improve it. We wanted to make the number 1 Danish fitness gym app.  Our research showed that our app was quite important to our members. In the long run, we want to increase our retention rate. The idea is that the app should help motivate our members and improve the experience.

First, we asked our member what the want they used the app for and what they where missing. Then we combined their wishes with what would have the largest effect on our churn rate. And, naturally, what was technical and economical possible. This resulted in the following major features in the first upgrade:

  • New userfriendly design (naturally)
  • Challenges to engage members
  • Notifications about classes, buddies sign up, campaigns
  • Buddies: Our members could team up with each other and get invitations to classes, challenges among other things
  • A body composition analyser set up where the results where shown in the app

We had quite possitive feedback when the first small improvements were released. Slowly but surely we released new minor features and updates on a regular basis. Our rating in iTunes/App Store increased from 2,5 to 4,5 and the app became no. 1 in the health category. The number of downloads increased with 20 % over a short periode of time. 30,000 participated in our birthday challenge 2017 and 100,000 participated in our challenges the first two months, which was equal to 20 % of our members. Less that a year after realeasing the challenges more than 50,000 participated in our New Year’s challenge and 70,000 participated in our Birthday Challenge 2018.

After the initial success, we kept developing the app. A faster and better class booking module, which was essential to the app users, was added.

See the picture of the old and new app:

The biggest change came with our work out programmes in the app. To give our members a better beginning and to help them to become more self relient we introduced free traning programmes. Based on three simple questions we could give them a personalised programme. You can see a small presentation. 50,000 downloaded a traning programme within the first 3 week and after five weeks half of our app users had traning programme.

Less than a year later we had more than 200,000 downloads of the app or almost half our members.

Danish Digital Awards 2019

In 2018 we were nominated by the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH) in the category Best App, which made us very proud, and the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet honoured the app as one of the best work out apps (in Danish). Subsequently, the app won gold for Best Customer Experience at Danish Digital Awards 2019.